Green Carbon

Country :
Client Name :
Al Nafisi
Type :
Scope :
Project & Construction Management
Location :
Shuaiba, Kuwait
Completion Date :
Construction Value(US$) :

This Project is mainly for a Production Facility in Shuaiba to process Carbon dioxide (CO2) which is emitted from EQUATE’s Petrochemical Plant (40% of CO2 with 60% water vapor) with 3 kilometer 24 SS304L (sch. 10) pipe that will collect from EG1 Unit (Ethylene Glycol Unit) and will pass through Unit 1, Unit 2 and Aromatic Unit (all inside Equate Area) all the way till it reaches the CO2 Processing (Liquefaction) Plant outside EQUATEArea.

The process itself includes a Booster Station to draw entire raw gas from the source to the plant where the following equipment and processes will take place:
Different stages of de-superheating, water knockout and compression are used to remove all the moisture from raw gas.

Absorber columns, stripper columns, re-boilers and dryers used to remove sulfur & other impurities from CO2 and for drying. The plant also has other equipment like pumps, blowers, compressors, etc. as necessary for the process.
Propane compressors are used for the refrigeration system to ultimately cool the liquid CO2.
Process controller (PLC) to monitor all system alarms and shutdown conditions
Storing tanks for liquid CO2.