Jarir Investment Tower

Country :
Client Name :
Raseel Properties Co.
Type :
Corporate & Institutional
Scope :
Cost Consultancy
Location :
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Completion Date :
Construction Value(US$) :

M/s.Jarir Marketing Company (the Client) intends to develop a head office building (the Project) that reflects the company’s image and shows the achieved successes of the company in its core business which made it a well-known trade mark in the region. The building should host all current and future Jarir companies along with the famous Jarir Bookstore Showroom. Ultimately, the Project external façade should be inspired by the current postmodern architectural façade of the existing showrooms. The Project site is located in a very convenient location on King Salman Road “The New North Spine of Riyadh” and with less than 5 km from the airport. The 11,146 m2 land is fortuned to have great visibility and accessibility as this high rise tower will by one of the first on this road. The total Project built-up area above ground level is estimated to be around 40,000 m2 above ground level. The total area that will be occupied by the Client will be around 30,000m2. The project is composed of 4 main components:  Jarir Bookstore Showroom,   Jarir Office (The Tower),  Supporting services and facilities,  Car parking