Ethics and Integrity

Projacs International as an Egis company follows the approach to ethics reflects the values and ambitions of its shareholders. Ethics constitutes a common core inside the Group. All Egis companies share common values that are at the heart of our company culture.

Over and above respect for law and regulations in force in counties where Egis conducts business, the Group has defined standards of behavior applicable to all. Respect for our values in business activities is a constant preoccupation.

The ethical policy of Egis is built around two key documents:

  • A code of ethics, in effect for more than 15 years, within which ethical values of the Group are defined. Organized under four themes (offer the best service to our clients, apply principles of a balanced and productive community life, communicate with the same objectives, strive to make a responsible world),this charter states principles to respect in terms of quality, loyalty, probity, respect for fellow employees and sustainable development.
  • A code of integrity, which has as its objective to state the major rules which Egis imposes on itself with regards questions of integrity and business ethics. It sets out the behavioral standards that Egis expects from each of its employees on subjects concerning corruption prevention, respect for free competition, conflict of interest, integrity in our assignments, and financial transparency. Our employees commit to respect these principles, and have a responsibility to make known instances where these principles have not been observed.